I decided to devote an entire post to this Chocolate Fudge Frosting because it totally deserves it. It can top everything from brownies to cupcakes to cake so I thought it was important to give it it’s own place and you can decide what you want to use it on.

The paddle attachment from a stand mixer covered in chocolate frosting and standin gup on a bench top

I developed this recipe when I created this One Bowl Chocolate Freckle Cake. Normally, hubby and I will have a little of what I make and the rest goes to work to give out to his colleagues but we couldn’t give this one away. Both the cake and frosting were just so amazing we had to freeze the leftover to save for ourselves later.

What Makes This Chocolate Frosting So Chocolatey

This dark chocolate frosting is made with both cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate. This gives the frosting it’s rich and intense chocolate flavour and also a creamy texture.

I always use regular eating chocolate (50% cocoa) in my recipes unless I particularly want to see chocolate chips. It has a creamier texture and richer flavour than using chocolate chips. Make sure to use a good one that you’d be happy to eat straight from the packet (no compound chocolate or baking blocks please) and you can use milk or dark (semi-sweet) in this recipe.

For the cocoa, I like to use dutch process cocoa. It has a smoother chocolate flavour than regular cocoa. They are interchangeable in this recipe.

This batch of fudge frosting will cover 12 cupcakes or 2 layers of frosting on an 8-inch cake.

A glass bowl filled with chcolate fudge frosting

How To Make Chocolate Fudge Frosting

  1. Start by beating together butter, icing (powdered) sugar and dutch process cocoa. I like to use my stand mixer, so I can let it run hands free.
  2. Add the melted but cooled chocolate, vanilla and a touch of milk and beat it again.
  3. If it’s too stiff, add a little more milk then use it immediately

How Do You Melt Chocolate For Frosting

I always melt my chocolate in the microwave but the trick is to only heat for 20 seconds at a time and stir well between each. As you stir, it will continue to melt and you don’t want to overheat the chocolate. I find my microwave will melt milk chocolate in a maximum of 90 seconds and dark chocolate in a maximum of 2 minutes, in 20 second bursts, making sure to stir it well.

How Do You Thicken Frosting?

If you want to thicken your frosting, just add a little more icing sugar, at no more than 2 tablespoons at a time until the consistency you want. Keep in mind that on a hot day, your frosting will be softer than on a cooler day.

Recipe Ideas To Use Your Frosting On

This frosting is a chocolate lovers dream.

Now you have the very best chocolate fudge frosting recipe, what are you going to use it on?

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A glass bowl filled with chcolate fudge frosting

Chocolate Fudge Frosting

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Everyone needs a great Chocolate Fudge Frosting recipe and this one is the perfect combination of creamy and light with a fudgy chocolate flavour. It’s a dark chocolate icing with cocoa powder and real chocolate and it’s easy to make at home.


  • 170 g unsalted butter, softened (1 ½ sticks)
  • 2 cups icing (powdered) sugar
  • cup dutch process cocoa
  • 2 tablespoons whole milk (notes)
  • 100 g dark (50%) chocolate, melted and cooled to room temp (3.5oz)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

For best results, always weigh ingredients where a weight is provided


  • Beat the butter, sugar and cocoa in a bowl on low speed until it comes together, then beat on medium-high for 4-5 minutes until it's lightened and creamy.
  • Add half the milk, the melted (but cooled) chocolate and the vanilla and beat for another 4-5 minutes on low until well lighter and fluffy. It should be quite soft and light but hold it’s shape.
  • If the mixture is too stiff, add the remaining milk and beat it through.


  1. I use a standard Australian 20ml tablespoon (=4 teaspoons worldwide)
  2. Use this frosting to top 12 cupcakes or two layers of an 8 inch layer cake
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A glass bowl filled with chcolate fudge frosting