After another year and another 151 recipes, I know what my favourites are but let’s take a look at your favourite recipes from 2022. Did your favourite make the list? What recipe did you love this year – tell me in the comments section below.

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1. No Bake Passionfruit Cheesecake

A slice of passionfruit cheesecake with a spoonful taken out of it.

No-bake passionfruit cheesecake, with its soft, creamy filling, buttery cookie base and tart passionfruit jelly topping is the stuff of dreams. It’s so easy to make and you only need 7 ingredients.

2. Pasta Napolitana

Two bowls filled with pasta napolitana on a wooden table.

Need a quick weeknight dinner? This pasta napolitana can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. With minimal ingredients, al dente pasta, smothered in a classic Italian pasta sauce is great for meatless Mondays too.

3. Vanilla Tray Bake

A stack of 3 squares of sponge tray bake.

Soft and fluffy vanilla tray bake is an easy buttery sponge, topped with simple icing and sprinkles. Perfect for birthdays or just afternoon tea, this vanilla sheet cake will have you craving more.

4. Turkey San Choy Bow (Chinese Lettuce Wraps)

Lettuce leaves filled with san choy bow meat filling.

Turkey san choy bow (or Chinese lettuce wraps) are a quick and healthy take on a classic. Flavoursome turkey mince filling with vegetables all wrapped in crisp lettuce cups is the perfect weeknight meal, that everyone – even the kids – will love!

5. Easy Lemon Curd

A glass jar filled with lemon curd with a spoon sitting next to it.

You’re just 4 ingredients and 10 minutes away from this creamy, sweet and tangy homemade lemon curd. So much better than shop-bought and even quicker too, lemon curd is perfect for topping everything from scones to pancakes.

6. Chicken Sausage Rolls

Closeup, top down view of a pile of sausage rolls on a wire rack.

Chicken sausage rolls are a flavoursome chicken filling wrapped in flaky, golden puff pastry. Perfect for parties, kids’ snacks or gameday snacks, these easy sausage rolls are an absolute crowd-pleaser.

7. Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

Close up of a batch of chocolate marshmallow cookies.

These chocolate marshmallow cookies are a fudgy, chewy, brownie-like cookie stuffed with marshmallow and they’re so easy to make. No fancy equipment and they’re ready in half an hour.

8. Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

Top down view of golden wings on a baking tray with lemon slices.

Crunchy, sweet and tangy, these baked honey lemon pepper wings are loaded with flavour with just 9 simple ingredients and real, natural flavour. Perfectly sweet and savoury, they make a great appetiser, game day snack or finger food.

9. Salted Caramel Fudge

A gift box filled with squares of salted caramel fudge.

This salted caramel fudge is a smooth and creamy easy caramel fudge with a sea salt topping. It takes less than 10 minutes on the stove top and fudge is also perfect for food gifts.

10. Crumbed Sausages

Closeup of whole crumbed sausages on a tray.

Crumbed sausages are a classic at Aussie lunch bars and they’re easy to make at home. Tasty, juicy beef sausage covered in a satisfying crunchy crumb, these are a tasty, economical dinner treat.

11. Malteser Traybake

Squares of Malteser traybake on a baking tray.

Malteser traybake is actually not baked at all. Also known as Malteser tiffin, this quick and easy, no-bake slice is loaded with chocolate and Maltesers and makes the perfect afternoon tea for adults or after-school snack for the kids.

12. Lime Coconut Chicken

Lime coconut chicken in a large skillet, ready to be served.

This lime coconut chicken is a one-pan, less than 30-minute dinner wonder! Lime, chicken and coconut milk combine for a flavourful and fresh Thai-style recipe that’s perfect for busy weeknights.

13. Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

Some of the pudding removed from the pie dish, showing a pool of chocolate sauce.

This chocolate self-saucing pudding is such a quick and easy to make classic dessert. Moist chocolate sponge with a silky chocolate sauce, this chocolate pudding is all baked in one dish.

14. Savoury Mince

Top down view of a casserole pan filled with savoury mince.

This old-fashioned savoury mince is an easy, comforting weeknight meal. So easy to make and perfect for batch cooking too, this simple beef mince recipe will become a family favourite.

15. S’mores Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake

Marshmallow topped chocolate mug cake on a saucer.

A rich, satisfying chocolate cake in just 5 minutes? You can do it, with this s’mores gooey chocolate mug cake recipe. This eggless mug cake, topped with gooey toasted marshmallow is so easy, it can be made right in the mug. 

16. Beef Sausage Rolls

A batch of mini sausage rolls on a sheet of newspaper.

These homemade beef sausage rolls can be on your table hot and fresh in no time and they’ll disappear just as quickly. Flaky, buttery puff pastry wrapped around an easy flavourful sausage filling make the perfect appetiser or party food.

17. Salted Caramel Tartlets

A batch of salted caramel tartlets with some on a wire rack.

These salted caramel tartlets will make you weak in the knees. Bite-sized cookie cups filled with buttery salted caramel and they’re so easy to make! Grab your mini muffin tin and let’s get baking.

18. Crispy Oven Roasted Pork Belly

Top down view of a pork belly roast on a wooden tray.

Perfectly oven-roasted pork belly with tender, succulent meat and a layer of crispy crackling. With just 3 ingredients it’s so easy to make.

19. Easy Chocolate Pots

Chocolate pots topped with cream and chocolate curls.

These easy chocolate pots are a simple custard style, chocolate pudding. Soft, creamy and luscious, they take 5 minutes and only 6 ingredients. No bake, egg free and perfect to make ahead.

20. Cheesy Garlic Crack Bread

A cube of cheesy bread being pulled from a baked loaf.

This incredible cheesy garlic crack bread is so fun and easy to make. Stuffed with cheese, garlic and onions, and baked until gooey and hot, this is one delicious party snack!

Now for the top 5 recipes of all time

These 5 recipes, posted prior to 2022, are the top 5 recipes day in, day out – for good reason.

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